How To Defeat A Lich

Part 1 in a series.

Marie Silverhammer offered them the ressurection potion of her sworn enemy but it had to be delivered by his hand…luckily for the party he was an undead lich and dismembering his arm didn’t mean it would immediately stop functioning.

After the learning what had happened to Warick’s father and finding a potential way to reverse things the party eventually set-off to do this…however beforehand they stopped off back in Skippin’ Stone to raise Warick’s brother the conventional costly route. With this and a packful of supplies they headed back to the briefly familiar watch tower. Descending into the basement of the abandoned building they found several unlit braziers and a massive stone representation of a skull. Examining the skull they determined it had the magic of a phylactory imbued in it, though they were skeptical of that being its true natue. In investigating around the skull they discovered it was covering a secret door and could be moved with little strain. Before revealing the secret door Warick decided to light the braziers only to discover they had been covered in flash powder and a substance that made a lound bang upon ignition…evidently their foes would be aware of their presence.

With their eyes focused and ears stopped ringing they headed down into the earthern depths of what appeared to be an excavated cavern. Moving deeper in they were ambushed by a group of sub-human creatures that could crawl upon the walls and ceiling and launch jumping attacks from these positions. The fight didn’t take long as the creatures didn’t have the bite to stand upto the party members and were rapidly dispatched, being disabled frequently by a simply spell that blinded their sub-terranian eyesight. This lead onto a further tunnel with a very odd rock strata lining a large open part of the cavern…which at the bottom was guarded by skeletons. The battle was to be long and bloody because as soon as the first lot of patrolling skeletons were defeated the vile Morlock Lich Neem assaulted them with a second wave. This fight brought Warick to his knees, Elliam into hiding and put the fear of death into Malx. However the party would be the victors. They rounded the corner the lich had emerged from to discover he had been trying to dig out a massive crystal structure, a chaos amethyst…housing an old evil. Malx stared into it’s depths with Elliam close behind only to discover that Neem was beginning to reform within the gem and was conversing with some old ancient evil. The gem was destroyed by a swift blow from malx’s blessed quarterstaff and the day was saved…perhaps.



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