How To Defeat A Demon

Part 2 in a series...also story-tellers.

Returning to Bag O’ Bones the party, bar Warick, delivered most of the vial to the Tengu’s father. It was at this point (somewhere in Nevada…Thrun) Warick was visited by a spectral vision of the very same man the rest of the part are trying to raise. He told him that he didn’t want to return to this world as Warick hadn’t acted out his vengeance, consequently coming to the conclusion that perhaps this is a good thing and returning to the world would leave him consumed with thoughts of revenge.

Knowing Elliam and Malx’s efforts were to be in vane Warick rode back in disguise, snatched up the vial and poured what remained into the mouth of the gnome sorcerer who tried to kill them earlier. The party rode out of town to question him in solitude. They learned from him that he was part of an organisation called ‘The Hidden Flame’ who are bedfelows with The Blackhand.

The day passed with them arriving at Skippin’ Stone to be stopped at the gate. The guard called upon them all by their first names saying the mayor requested an audience. Tension was high upon arriving at the mayors town house, they were led through to a large dining room to see their orc companions and Altaira dining and talking to mayor (a well-dressed halfling). He introduced himself as Balthazar Tin revealing that he had a proposition for them; if they permitted he would use the stories of their adventures as a vessel for promoting the laxing of laws in regards to mages. He brought up the orcs original intention of defeating Demongo and taking his powerful gem. Eventually agreeing to his plans they packed up with of scrolls and potions to battle his evil.

The overland journey to tomb was uneventful but showed the great change in the environment, the increasingly rocky terrain near Great Stone. The large lump of stone they were looking for showed no signs of use for centuries but had one distinct feature; a large staircase up the mountain. Following this up the mountain side it was clear that the place had been mined a long time ago. Entering a large cut stone stairway they came upon a hall with three routes; to the left, straight ahead and to the right.

After a little poking around they determined to head left to right checking each place one after the other. Starting with the left they found a bunch of little blue creatures that attempted to ambush, poison and kill the party with vermin. They were no match for the high-leveled lot. With the area ‘clear’ they decided to check out the straight ahead route. Upon walking through into a room that breached the gap to another larger room and Warick was shut in. Two cyclops appeared showing a good knowledge of Demongo. The party were told that the cyclops clan was destroyed by Demongo but these two managed to flee and that they had guarded the entrance ever since. They offered the party non-lethal combat as a means to see if the party could be tough enough to defeat the demon. The battle was dangerous but the party did emerge victorious.

After a short rest to heal up the stairs to Demongo’s tomb awaited. Ascending the stairs they were greated by a large, high-ceilinged, room cast in dim light. The ground was littered in bones and organic detritus culminating in a throne made of stone inset with skulls. As they approached Demongo slowly rose from the throne, a creature bathed in shadows with a chest constructed from a mish-mash of bones. The battle was long, Demongo conjured the souls of his fallen foes fleshed out with material from the plane of shadows. He stayed out of the majority of the combat except where chains holding the souls connected him to the battlefield. The party clued in that the etheral chains were connected to some extra dimensional space, so Malx latched onto a chain while the others began to lop and smash the links to pieces. Once every soul was loosed Demongo’s chains retracted into his body dragging Malx with him.

It was a shadowy smoky realm, simply filled with large urns filled with wriggling grub-like apparations…souls. Demongo was there also though not as the large shadow demon but a tiny quasit. He tried to barter for his life with Malx and then tried to intimidate him by turning into a goblin dog but all of this was to no avail and the kobold struck him down. This launched Malx back into reality.

With the demon defeated the doors to the room containing the gem opened. The room was highly decorative with the stem punching through holding the glowing green gem. Their companion upto this point, Lorgavv, suddenly stopped Warick in his tracks demanding that they leave and he would kill them if they tried to take the gem. He charged the Tengu pushing him into what appeared to be solid ground but infact was loose, supported only by weak (moving) roots from the plant that spawned the gem. They both risked falling what looked like over 100 feet to their deaths by grasping onto some of the roots and slowly pulling themselves up. They struggled for awhile revealing more and more holes with Malx and Elliam trying to aid their comrade without falling down themselves. The battle raged on for some time, Altaira rescuing Elliam from a nasty fall and Malx (aided by Warick) battling through a deadly melee with the orc before finally disabling him with a pinning move. They had tried earlier with Elliam’s web to stop his movement but this time good old rope and elbow grease were employed.

It seems his ‘masters’ wanted the gem to aid in a war effort, Lorgavv didn’t back down and eventually every single party member killed him as he tried to escape. With their ally-turned-enemy defeated the matter of the gem needed to be resolved.

Both Warick and Elliam placed a hand upon it, appearing to be imbued with its power.



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