The Hewntown Republic

The lush green land of the Hewntown Republic has a troubled past these last two centuries. Fields still hold remnants of great machines of war, bones of towering ogres and rusted weapons.


The creation pantheon holds the greatest sway with the people of the republic. Religious beliefs are relatively open except when magic is involved but even then The Library still sees open, if subdued, worship. The only point of contention comes when those of the Warrior of Granite become zealous and call for the imprisonment of magic users…though this is as rare as the rebellious action of the worshippers of the Hidden Flame.

The Landscape

The Hewntown Republic is a green landscape of rolling hills and scraggy plains. To the south the skyline is dominated by a massive mountain; Great Stone. The north sees the tempering out of the hills and the emergence of forests. The area of forest and woodland before the properly established Elven Fiefdoms is known locally as the Lost Woods. To the east the region becomes much more arid after the large lake Cloudburst eventually joining up with the Orcish Badlands. From the west of the nations namesake town, beyond the Stonecutter River, lays several independent scattered towns before giving way to tundra and a frozen wasteland.

The Law and Government

The republic is ruled by a council on which sits a chairman, who also commands the Defenders, which can be replaced only by a unanimous vote by the other council members. The council is a mixture of all the tradesmen and dignitaries of note and those who served the Defenders for a great deal of time, all of whom are invited by the chair and need to be approved by the other members. The law is a combination of old dwarven and human laws and new ones designed for the interesting new times. The will of the government and the defence of the land are dealt by the Defenders of the Realm. Being both the standing army/militia/city guard this is the martial cream of the crop of the republic. Twice a year a large event is held within Hewntown in which everyone who can spare themselves takes part. Large markets are flourished with peddlers, entertainers and food stalls provided for the families visiting. The purpose of this is a day of tournament and training in which people lock in combat of all sorts and the best are picked to join the Defenders on a salary for life. These select few are trained as the greatest warriors to one day match against a force of goblins that may never come.


Magic and the Defenders are the main points of contention and note. Everyone who possesses some skill with magic must declare so to the Defenders. It is at this point they are immediately drafted and their access to lore strictly controlled. Many live out cushy lives as artisans and librarians with a more than modest allowance of gold, though few take privileged ranks as arcane warriors serving the state. However those that refuse this are exiled, given survival gear and a small pouch of gold then sent on their way into the Lost Woods…though some are never caught and live as exiles within their own country as fugitives.

Towns and Places of Note

Ardheld, Bag O’ Bones (Thrun), Fairbreeze, Trinity and First and Last, Hewntown, Lake Cloudburst, The Lost Woods, Riessal, Skippin’ Stone, Unwary Swamps

The Hewntown Republic

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