The Green Talon

The Green Talon is a fledgling Thieves’ Guild being established by Warick to counter the villainous criminal organization plaguing the Hewntown Republic known as The Black Hand. The Green Talon is dedicated to preserving what Warick considers the ‘art of thievery’, and as a result, binds it’s members to these rules.

1.Violence is a last resort. Thievery is an art, and to mix it with base brutality is an aberration. Murder and assault also draw extra unwanted ire to our under-appreciated craft.

2. Steal only from those who have more than they need. The rich and wealthy, especially those who have never worked a day in their lives, can afford to lose a bit of coin. The struggling shopkeeper can’t.

3. Evil brigands like those in The Black Hand bring shame to our already not-so-noble profession. Fight them and vex them at every turn.

The Green Talon

Alba Kinahto