Sects and Small Gods

Whilst playing games in my setting I found there were gaps that needed filled. The deities here are not related to the creation pantheon listed above except for a few sects that tend to more or less conform to the scripture of those above. They do not form a secondary pantheon as they tend to be either highly specific or conflicting with the message of other deities. While the creation pantheon is fairly tightly knit you can add in or take away gods as you see fit.

The Tempest

An elemental of power enough to affect the gods themselves. Summoned by the most powerful elven magi and used for a dreadful act of destruction. It passed through the Hewntown Republic and the Orcish Badlands shaping the landscape in permanent ways. It rose a great hill in Thrun, generated a massive lake near Great Stone, left its inferno in the heart of a mountain in the Orcish Badlands, with its lightning it formed a great valley of glass and finally it came to rest in a temple blowing a great wind through the land. (Air, Magic, Weather, Chaos and Destruction domains) Sects: Wind-Song Tribe

Saint Anna

During the war there was a female human who was a practitioner of healing magic for every race in the conflict. She famously died when she saw the Tempest form above the battlefield and rode in to try and heal the many injured. After tending a hundred soldiers wounds in a field of fire and ice she was eventually killed though many something seemed to allow her healed patients to escape unscathed. (Healing, War, Repose and Protection domains)

Order of the Shimmering Blade

An offshoot of the religion of the Forgemaster, they practice the active pursuing of the undead. All paladins carry weapons that are blessed or made of silver. The order has many respected individual whom have fallen in its service, most notably is Marie Silverhammer a Dwarven Paladin who led a conquest against a necromancer that once plagued the Hewntown Republic. (Glory, Good, Strength and Artifice domains)

The Hidden Flame

A new religion, made amongst the mages in exile. It has begun to spread to those still under a probationary control from the Defenders in Hewntown. Preaching the freedom of magic practice…and the more zealous and scornful types the destruction of those that would oppress the use of magic such as the Defenders. The members are secretive not baring any symbol of their religion and can be lethal when the moment arises. (Magic, Destruction, Trickery, Liberation)

The Library

Not so much a deity as it is a system of belief. The idea that on one plane of existence is a great and vast library holding all the knowledge in existence. Magic tomes are seen as a perfect representation of the place with magic and information being held in the highest regard. This religion has dwindled in the Hewntown Republic due to magic’s nature in the last war. (Magic, Knowledge, Law, Rune)

Warrior of Granite

Coming from the last war there were a few that viewed the event as a test of strength. From this the concept of the warrior of granite emerged, a symbol of strength and martial discipline. Many members of The Defenders adhere to this religion. The war has split the opinions of the public greatly and this religion is fuel on the fire of the debate at times. (Strength, War, Law, Nobility)

The Travelling Monk

When people are lost and hopeless, either physically or mentally this figure may appear to them. He asks if they would like to calm the storm within and without and to be brought back to civilisation. Those that accept are trained in the martial arts and philosophy of inner peace. Once he believes they are ready to go back into the world he leads them back to wherever they call home or would be safe. His influence in the world is scattered and only one monastery exists in his honour, high in the Great Stone Mountain range, where his practices are defined into a true martial art. (Law, Travel, Knowledge and Protection)

Sects and Small Gods

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