Hewntown Republic

This is the traditional home of the orcs, living amongst the caves and tunnels of Great Stone. However at the start of the great goblinoid war they were routed from this home by the horde. For the next two and a half centuries they were more or less gone from the lands, scattering to their now current home in the badlands. As the nomads travelled back West from the Eastern Badlands they came into conflict with the populace of the republic culminating in a large stand off and lengthy negotiation between the capital and these new peoples. Now the orcs are relatively integrated into society after their part in the war was explained. However proud of their new culture they didn’t stay long and now it’s mainly half-orcs with the occasional full-blooded one passing through.

Orcish Badlands

As the name would dictate this is the current location of the vast majority of orckind. They came to these lands where very few civilised races existed and quickly cut out a living for themselves. Sadly with time and their vast spreading over the lands other, inherently stronger, creatures slowly slipped above them in power and position. In the Towers of Steel they are ruled over by the great powerful Salamander lords. In the Hollow they give respect to the Brass Dragons that treat them firmly but ultimately are a force of good.

Elven Fiefdoms

Orcs never negotiated themselves deep into these lands. The orcs that exist in the underdark never truly punctured the land above them and with all other creatures of the underdark vanished an age ago.


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