Orcish Badlands


Due to the high proportion of orcs Hrund gets an overwhelming base of worship. Eiarn gets some worship in the Towers of Steel recognised for his mastery of steel though the salamanders try to suppress this. The gnolls have their own gods, more nature spirits, that they give praise and respect too but this is less important to Gnoll society than divinity in other cultures.

The Law and Government

The Orcish Badlands consists of several city-states and the nomads that travel between them. Each one is ruled in a different fashion (as noted in their description below) and generally control the sole source of a commodity. They infrequently come into conflict but the desert dictates that most battles are either swift or lost by the attacker. The Burnt Earth Plateau persists in a state of lawlessness but the vast salt flats rarely mean conflict is necessary.


The formal practice and study of magic is just as infrequent here as it is in the Hewntown Republic but for different reasons. Magic here has no real formal background of true study and with some clans still remains under the veil of mysticism. Some locations still practice it in the traditional sense of books and study. A select few under the care of the dragons that control The Hollow are given access to tomes of note. The Wind-Song tribe of goblins mix divinity with magic very closely but with a distinct understanding of the two. The salamanders of the Towers of Steel try to repress its use amongst the orc peons that serve them as they see it as one of the few potential threats to their tight grasp over the region.

The Landscape

From Hewntown in the West into the badlands is rough scrubland getting increasingly more arid as you move to the East. North of the Hollow and Old Man’s Scarf is land that while sparse in vegetation compared to the lush greenery of the West it is still dense enough for the people of this land to graze animals on. From Watering Hole to Angler’s Pull is a small desert of large sand banks and dunes. The south is rocky around the Burnt Earth Plateau, which rises a good two thousand feet above the sandy desert floor. In the North are a smattering of small mountains (Flareheart Mountains) that are surrounded by a greyer, gravely, sand. Angler’s Pull would be best related to the Mediterranean, small white houses in the sun, with a slightly moist sea air blown in from the South.

Towns and Places of Note

Alley of Sandstorms, Angler’s Pull, Burnt-Earth Plateau, Flareheart Mountains, The Hollow, Hrund’s Rest, The Net, Old Man’s Scarf, Towers of Steel, Watering Hole

Orcish Badlands

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