Humanity faired well to begin with but never really got hold of a constant land or nation while the others of ‘the created’ did. Perhaps it is the gift from their god but while they never had a nation they’ve also never been turned away from another race.

Hewntown Republic

When the Goblinoid war was starting humanity had really made a great mark on what is now the republic. With an early agreement with the dwarves of Great Stone they tended the verdent lands rolling off from the mountain towards the forests. While a lot of the buildings were dwarven in construction they were housed by humans and halflings working the lands. It was only when the war spilled out that what were once farmers had to become soldiers. Humanity suffered here with the other races during the great war.

Orcish Badlands

Humanity has yet to truly contest the tough and arid region of the badlands. A few body of adventurers and the occasion exiled mages have tried their luck but they are a drop in the ocean of the inhabitants.

Elven Fiefdoms

The humans here are almost entirely exiled mages and their descendants. For those lucky few who survived the denizens of the forest and the mage-hating people of Yilo arrive in Ehrannu to a warm welcome. There is a significant minority here but none of great number. Lorenzo’s Valley is an oddity in this regard being almost a country of its own. Their culture and custom is so different from those of their miles away neighbour elves that it deserves its own mention.


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