History of the Ages

The timescale of the planet is widely agreed upon and is defined mainly by periods of conflict or creation.

The First Age; Age of Creation

The beginning of the world. From the plane of chaos a ball of raw chaotic energy generates earth and water around it. From there large gems are thrust through the earth like struts. These conduits produce life, creatures from other planes are drawn here and other life comes into being around them. Creatures now known as denizens of the underdark first began to cover the globe. Titans of great power travelled the land and began deciding upon creating life themselves; these are the modern gods. Civilisation begins to form amongst creatures of the underdark upon the surface (drow, troglodytes and kobolds having small empires). The titans produce their creations.

The Second Age; New Fights Old

The titans become increasingly protective of their own creations and violence between the new races and those formed from the raw chaos is widespread. This violence shapes the land and slowly, with divine favour, the new kids on the block force the old underground again. The new races expand on the surface and their own civilisation forms anew. A time of great peace covers the surface while the creatures of the underdark shrivel from view to great depths.

The Third Age; The Unsettled Time

Skirmishes, conflicts and century spanning wars erupt. The titans had left the world to take their positions as true gods on individual planes leaving the world without their direct care. It is during this time that the Great Goblinoid War breaks out. Lasting two and a half centuries it consumed the activities of the Hewntown Republic completely, caused the generation of the Orcish Badlands as know in the present age and soured the nature of magic all over the globe.

The Fourth Age; The Current Age

The Great Goblinoid War is over and the world looks far different from how it did at the start of the last age. Races are present where they weren’t before, others are nearly completely gone and time dictates what will happen to the rest. It is believed that the creatures of the underdark are due a return but that’s all superstition…right?

History of the Ages

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