Groups and Organisations

Black Hand Gang

They’re group of thugs and murderers that took their name from a cat-burglar of legend; the Black Hand. However where the black hand never touched a soul these assorted villains will stab someone for a few coppers. Led by a coven of witches and clouded in secrecy they perform all the organised crime in the republic and regularly squash any young up starts. When you have wronged the Black Hand gang they will make you pay, make your family pay and bestow a curse, the curse of the Black Hand upon you.

Defenders of the Realm

They are the regions standing army, rangers and city guards. They are well trained, usually from a young age, to fight and are kept in good health and mood. Recruitment is twice a year during a big festival in Hewntown. Recruitment is handled through a series of games and tournaments, involving sparring and other talents. Those who performed best are picked to join the Defenders and are kept on a ‘cadet’ type status until they have proven themselves of capable of handling the tasks required of the guardsmen. This status typically lasts anywhere between one month and six depending on area of the Defenders the recruit is involved in. The Defenders also holds all the legal magical texts which are distributed, cautiously, to the magi under their control. If you’re an open mage in the republic you will be forcibly recruited and often put to work in a couple of roles; determining if crimes have a magical nature, hunting down rogue mages or deciphering and studying old magical tomes to see how dangerous they are.

Groups and Organisations

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