Fing Belief How Does It Work

Godhood is a tricky thing, a difficult concept. When a being reaches a certain level of power something can awaken within them. Now it is hard to guage what comes first worship and belief in the being and this new power or the power itself. They are intrinsicly linked however. Old gods have, in the past, lost their divine powers when they were forgotten by their followers over the grand scale of time and simply exist as powerful beings. Worship certainly does grant power to the beings and when gods duke it out often it is how many followers remain after the conquest that decides their fate.

The titans that created many of the surface races we know of today immediately sprung to god hood. This is widely believed because the creations turned from ground inwhich they were formed, looked up and couldn’t help but marvel.

The evil beings that live on the planes of evil law and evil chaos have to constantly balance the power of the tortured souls. They can cultivate vast swathes of power in an instant and this is what truly crafts the more powerful demons/devils. It is not the bonding of souls but the inherent belief tangibly connected to it. Great and powerful beings have often been schemed into self-doubt which immediately drops their abilities though the arrogance of a Balor or Pit Fiend is hard to falter.

Sometimes the power of belief can over-ride that need for raw power. Saint Anna was one of these where a battlefield of soldiers gave the most sincere belief in her healing powers that rather than be destroyed under the Tempest she was elevated to godhood and walked thousands of men at arms out of the magical storm.

Fing Belief How Does It Work

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