Evil Deities

Many a powerful demon or devil has managed to rise to the state of deity and many of them already exist as beings of such power as to be called demigods. Their influence ranges from great plots spanning infinite lifetimes to scarce cults. Here we will try and give you an idea of their motives and methods by which they influence the world. Whether or not they’re common knowledge really depends on the sort of characters you have. A cleric would certainly know of The Bone Man, a scholar ‘The Lurks Below’ and everyone Jangling Jack (though perhaps not how he’s worshipped). The prism kept mind is a special case; its influence is sparse even amongst the races spawned from the chaos and on the surface only old miners tales of massive rooms of gems could hold true.

The Bone Man

The bone man is a covetous creature of a deep, dark, evil. When evil witches and hags make pacts with an otherworldly source this is often the one who answers. The bone man initially seems very simple in its intentions; to gather souls it gives minor/major curses/pacts. However often these pacts and deals have clauses where in damning someone else’s soul they in turn damn themselves. As the name would suggest he also holds some dominion over the undead, often gifting them as servants to guard inner sanctums where the witches actually hold residence. The servants of The Bone Man all have a look of being starved, skin hanging off of bones. The devils that serve him often have this same appearance, a typical gifted servant is a skeletal champion mounted upon a nightmare with packs of skinny greyhound like hell hounds. (Law, Death, Evil and Rune domains)

Jangling Jack

Jangling Jack is a representation of the pure chaos mixed with gluttony on immense proportions. His cultists engage in binges of food, alcohol, murder and sex that would be just the right amount of disgust as to fit an aristocrats joke. Colloquially a violent drunk can be said to have ‘a touch of Jack in him’, a dreadful insult. Jack simply wants to spread this revelry to everyone, sending messengers in the form of satyrs and Bacchae to goad people on to more lewd and corrupting acts. His cultists are rewarded by experiencing the most of base of physical needs to their greatest extremes…which often implodes the cult over time. A discordant music and the smell of death and sweet meats marks locations where his influence is strong. (Evil, Madness, Chaos, Charm and Liberation)

That Lurks Below (Artau)

This devil king is building an army of corrupted souls vast enough to give a deciding blow against either the forces of chaos or good. If it were to appear to its subjects it would be a writhing kraken-esque mass of tentacles. To claim souls it corrupts the body and the environment of those who would risk doing business with it. Able to give gifts of strength and magic to its followers via a brackish, burgundy, liquid it eventually claims their will. This fluid is used to forcibly convert followers either by poisoning wells or it is force-fed to captives of the cult. (Evil, Law, Darkness and War)

The Prism-kept Mind

When the races formed by chaos of the world were brought into being they were spawned by shards from gems of pure chaos. While the races are independently minded the gems were said to contain an intellect. This intellect was not the cause of creation but another creature produced by the very chaos itself, which saw the races produced as its own. Now it tries to bring the races back into the fold and gain true control over them. Gifts are given in forms of powerful chaotic artefacts used to show the creature’s great divinity. Since the beast exists on planes of chaos and the material plane at the same time it cares not for gathering souls but simply worship. (Evil, Chaos, Community, Nobility)

Evil Deities

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