Elven Fiefdoms


Due to the high number of elves in the region Leuorun sees the overwhelming largest amount of worship. In the Darklands nature is often worshipped as though it were a god. The underdark sneaks up here and there in secluded spots and the races of that land worship a host of unusual deities.

Law and Government

The Elven Fiefdoms are a group of individual states all ruled by monarchs. The Darklands witch queen has a semi-autonomous rule over the kobolds that are in her region. The land of the Free Peoples is a few member cities where the borders were undecided between the other kingdoms. Ehrannu is a land of slight prosperity and great tyranny, while the forest itself may seem rather bare the kingdom itself is mainly on another plane, the plane of the fey. Here a land of great magic persists with a grand sorcerer king holding dominion over them. Yilo has slowly descended into a true wilderness. Where the land was occupied by people now only wild degenerates exist. This country works as a border separating Ehrannu from Merlanno. In Merlanno magic is fully out-lawed with death being the total response to the early signs of magical ability, skirmish parties are often sent into the Darklands and Ehrannu to capture and kill the magical apt. This order is dictated by a wizard king whom now wants nothing more than to quash magic. Piulloon deals with its dangerous neighbour by maintaining a strong martial force at all times. Ruled by a small elven family of old royal blood they manage well and are the only elven fiefdom with regular contact with the Hewntown Republic.


The biggest thing of note is the fey and the nature of their planal existence. The Fey wild maps perfectly over the Material plane but is only present in very few places with the rest of the world covered in a black ash. These special sites of raw natural power are monopolised and fiercely protected by the high elves that occupy them. Otherwise the lawful nature of magic is dictated by region but overall it sees the most use out of the regions.

The Landscape

Mile upon mile of woodland with the occasional break for a clearing; which is often in turn occupied by settlements. There are very few established roads and the few that do exist are generally only used by merchants with unwieldly carts. In the most secluded parts of the woods the underdark brushes close to the surface. The West of the fiefdoms is occupied by a large lake, surrounded by mangrove like marshland and further east the forest returns only to die out in the cold tundra. The East holds the vast majority of the elven settled lands and even a few locations large enough to be cities.

The Fiefdoms

Ehrannu, Yilo, Merlanno, Piulloon, Darklands, Unclaimed Lands

Elven Fiefdoms

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