Hewntown Republic

Before there was a Hewntown Republic the land was ruled over by a regal dwarven line, the Goldenhearts. However the valley that now contains the populace wasn’t the hub of activity. The dwarves lived in honey-combed cities within Great Stone and very few would work outside tending the lands. When humans began to enter from the southern countries they pretty much abandoned the valley to the more skilled agricultural hands. Over the period of the Great Goblin War the land changed drastically and so did circumstance. The ancesteral home of the dwarves was abandoned and instead the human settlements ballooned into walled cities with dwarven numbers far exceeding the other races. Right now three out of every five people in the Republic is a dwarf but they’re concentrated differently in each town.

Orcish Badlands

There are a few dwarven families in Hrund’s Rest all fighting with each other for trading rights and the establishment of trading routes over Lake Cloudburst. The orcs don’t know quite how to deal with them so they’re waiting to see who comes out on top before taking anything further.

Elven Fiefdoms

Very few dwarves in this region. Not only is there a lot of bad blood with the elves but the fiefdoms really are seen as the place the disgraced are sent to. The few dwarven mages that exist tend to join the defenders and it is rare that one would choose exile instead.


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