Creation Pantheon

At the beginnings of life these powerful being walked on the earth as titans. It was when they began to create life themselves that they became true gods and slowly ascended from the planets surface to their own homes.

All of these can be though of as common knowledge and more than likely if you meet a cleric or paladin they’ll be of one of these deities.

Eiarn, The Forgemaster (Dwarves) Created dwarves out of the raw iron of Alba, melting them from deep within its core and then forging them with his hands; placing them close to wear the iron came from…inside mountains. (Artifice, Strength, Community, Earth) Sects: Order of the Shimmering Blade.

Drizella, Mother of the Pit (goblins) With the scraps of every other god she tried to make the best race in great arrogance. With the shards of glass she made the harshest race, with the steel she gave them great resolve, with the clay she shaped their features to extremes, stealing one of Cadells’ pots of paint she coloured them green, the sound she found was a mean cacophony of shouts and screams and finally she rolled them in mud from the base of the mother tree. (Artifice, Community, Earth and Liberation)

Leuorun, Planter of the Mother Tree (Elves) Leuorun didn’t care for making animals; she wanted to make a plant. It was when Gerrum spoke to her about clay in the earth she gave him some but ignored its remaining presence. From there elves and half-elves formed slowly touched by their relationship with the Mother Tree. (Plant, Earth, Liberation, Community)

Hrund, The Glassblower (Orcs) Hrund fired sand from the desert he created to make glass, which he blew into little men. These little creatures were tough, could take the roughest abuse and were all edges. These were the orcs. (Artifice, Sun, Travel and Fire)

Gerrum, The Claymaster (Humans) Gerrum saw what Eiarn, Leuorun and Hrund had done and thought he would best them. Bargaining with Leuorun for some earth he made clay. Speaking to Eiarn he asked for a coin to be made, to give his creation luck. When he spoke to Hrund he simply asked that his people be at peace. (Artifice, Charm, Luck and Community)

Cadell, The Colourist(Halflings) Francis saw that all the gods had thought to make something but not a single one had put colour into the world. He began to paint the world as he saw fit, all manner of colours, when he stopped to rest a dollop of paint dried and formed halfling, a colourful race. (Charm, Community, Madness, Travel)

Banu Musa, Who Captured Sound (Gnome) Banu saw that every god had coloured and created their creatures but none of them thought to allow them to speak. He gave each of the races a voice, from low and gravelly to high-pitched and sound to the rest of the world. (Magic, Madness, Trickery, Air)

Creation Pantheon

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