Warick Bonepicker

Tengu Rogue and member of the Redeemers.


Warick is a Tengu who proudly thinks of himself as a thief and grave-robber, and considers most forms of thievery an art, largely due to his upbringing and his family’s strong tradition of various forms of larceny.

He joined the group to serve as a guide in the ruined city of Thrun, as it was his family’s business to ‘salvage’ relics from there. During their adventures here, he discovered that Altaira was an Aasimar created by the Elemental Storm. This sparked a desire to investigate the Storm in him, as it was the closest thing to a god that had ever tangibly existed in the world, and it was created by mortals. To him, it seemed a chance to understand the power of the gods, which he had always mistrusted.

When the Orcish warband passed through Bag-o’-Bones looking for recruits to face an evil in Lake Cloudburst, which had been created by the Storm, he saw it as the perfect chance to investigate the Storm and do some good for the world at the same time. However, being wary of joining an army, he convinced the rest of his group to investigate the problem themselves, separately from the warband.

While preparing for the expedition in the town of Skipping Stone, he attempted to develop underworld connections to disastrous results, the full effect of which wouldn’t be realized until after their business in the lake had been accomplished.

During their fight against the evil in the lake, Warick discovered he had inherent magical talent that had a strangely divine tint to it. He still doesn’t understand what these powers are, or where they came from.

Upon their return to Skipping Stone, Warick learned that he had accidentally angered a giant criminal organization called the Black Hand, who, in his absence, decided to take their revenge on his family in his place. He tried to run off on his own to face the Black Hand himself, as he felt it was his responsibility, and went to great lengths to try and drive the rest of the party away from him, trying to protect them from the danger he had brought down on his family, but the party refused to abandon him.

Discovering that his father and one of his brothers had died because of his mistake, he decided to temporarily fake his death until he felt he could face them again. After attempting to bring his father back from the grave, his father’s ghost revealed that he didn’t want to come back, and wanted to pass on leadership of the family clan to Warick.

Warick tries to help people whenever he can, but doesn’t like to draw attention to himself when he does so. He doesn’t trust most large organizations, especially the Defenders, and is wary of religions and the gods in general. He takes great pride in his swordsmanship, which he learned from family tradition, and tends to give names to each of his swords. He tries his best to act stoic and aloof to the rest of the party, but generally fails at it terribly, as he actually is quite attached to his friends and allies. He still feels responsible for the death of his father, which drives him to take a bit more risk in trying to protect his allies.

Warick Bonepicker

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