Marie Silverhammer

Ex-Paladin leader of the Order of the Shimmering Blades.


Marie started off life as a dwarf in the start of the Third Age. She joined the Order of the Shimmering Blades early on, showing great aptitude with both warhammer and scripture. At this point the Order was very small numbering only twenty people. Humans were just coming into the valley beside Great Stone and often it was these people that needed the greatest protection. She and a contingent of paladins lead a lengthy campaign tracking down a powerful Necromancer (Neem). She eventually slew the necromancer, after forcing him out of his tower, in a spot in modern day Thrun. She returned to Great Stone triumphant and the loose Order had a strong leader. Decades later the valley was endangered again and it was happening around the old tower. Marie went alone to settle what she thought was a lone wild undead. When she arrived Neem had risen as a lich with a hoard of undead Morlocks. She slew Neem but as a lich this only delayed him but in doing so his undead minions overwhelmed her.

It was at this point that she was made an astral deva and became a powerful force in the battle against evil.

Marie Silverhammer

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